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CleanEdison, Inc./New York, NYThe Clean-Tech Energy Consultant is the driving
force for CleanEdison. They meet and talk with candidates interested in breaking
into the clean-tech industry but aren't sure where to begin. They are experts on
the certifications we offer and the industries we provide training for. The
Clean-Tech Energy Consultant speaks everyday with clients from all different
backgrounds â from business owners wanting to train their entire company
to the unemployed individual looking to get a fresh start. Our Clean-Tech Energy
Consultants are attentive, informed, engaging and motivated by matching clients
existing skills with the training needed for their success in the sustainable,
clean-tech workforce.
Principal Responsibilities:
- Identify business opportunities and establish relationships through
interactions with key players in the clean-tech industries e.g. Unions, Power
Companies, Architecture Firms, Real Estate Owners, State Legislators and
Executives, and Financial companies.
-Develop educational strategy, presentations and customized proposals for
customers based on their objectives, desired tactics and budget parameters
-Manage programs from creation and contracting to execution
-Manage sales & support inquiries about our course benefits and offeringsApply
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