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Envirolution/New York, NYAre you looking for a job in the energy efficiency
field but are having a hard time finding the jobs, accessing the market and/or
getting any response from employers? Or maybe you're getting some interviews but
you keep hearing that you need more industry specific technical training and/or
hands-on experience?! Or perhaps you're currently employed and are looking to
transition to a more fulfilling career that allows you to make a living AND a
positive impact? If any of these are true for you, then this program is
specifically designed to assist YOU.
Organizational Overview:
Envirolution is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and
empowering the leaders that will drive the transition to a truly just and
sustainable economy. We achieve this by providing a unique blend of
service-based sustainability education, leadership development and career
advancement services.
Program Overview:
Envirolution's Win-Win Campaign is an energy efficiency technical training and
internship program, combined with an energy efficiency outreach, education and
implementation assistance initiative for small businesses. The program is
implemented on a part-time basis, during off-work hours (i.e. nights & weekends)
and is comprised of two interwoven components: the in-class training component
(60 hours) and the in-the-field internship component (60 hours). After
successful completion of the program, we also provide paid internship
opportunities, job placement assistance and additional professional
certification (i.e. BPI, LEED) test-prep training.
Program Process:
This 8-week program begins with a 30-hour bootcamp which takes place over two
consecutive weekends. The bootcamp serves as a crash-course into energy
efficiency principles, auditing practices, energy conservation measures (ECMs),
the retrofit implementation process and the NYC economic incentives landscape to
prepare the participants to go out into the field. In order to complete bootcamp
and proceed to the internship portion of the program, participants must pass a
written and a field test.
Once the bootcamp is complete, interns are broken up into teams, paired with
professional mentors and are assigned to work with one of our contractor
partners. Interns are then responsible for reaching out to the small businesses
in a target neighborhood to educate them on the many energy efficiency solutions
and incentives available to them. Each intern is required to: (1) reach out and
educate at least fifty businesses; and (2) to assist at least twelve businesses.
Assisting a business entails providing them with a free energy audit, qualifying
them for eligible incentive, and connecting them with the appropriate agencies,
contractors and/or vendors to facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency
Through this innovative hybrid training program that combines classroom
training, mentoring and fieldwork, participating interns gain invaluable
real-world, hands-on experience and concrete energy auditing and project
management skills that are applicable across a wide spectrum of career
opportunities in the emerging green economy.
â The next start date the for the session will be January 19th
â We start a new session of the program approximately every two months.
Program Partners:
The upcoming session of the Win-Win Campaign is being implemented in partnership
with (Community Partners) CUNY's City College of New York, the Manhattan Borough
President's Office, Bright Power, Solar1, Lifecycle Solutions, The NY Grants
Company, CleanEdison, the Asian American / Asian Research Institute (AA/ARI) at
CUNY; (Contractor Partners) FCI Consulting Group, EIA, Sheridan Electric,
Efficionados, Willdan Energy Solutions; (Workforce Partners) The Osborne
Association, Non-Traditional Employment for Women, Green City Force and STRIVE
International; and is supported by The Mertz-Gilmore Foundation.
As you can imagine, there are costs associated with putting on this program.
Even with our partners' and supporters' help, it still costs us about $1250 per
participant to put on this extensive program. However, we recognize that many
people that can most benefit from this program might not be able to afford that,
which is why we have established merit and need based financial assistance as
well as payment plan options. We absolutely don't want anyone to be discouraged
from participating because of financial limitations. In fact, we have never
turned anyone away solely due to finances. So if you are interested in the
program, we encourage you to apply. If you are a strong and deserving candidate,
we will certainly work with you. In summary:
â Participation in this program costs $1,250 per participant.
â There is merit and need based financial assistance, as well as payment
â If you are interested in the program, please apply. We will not turn
anyone away solely based on financial limitations.
â JOB PLACEMENT assistance upon successful completion (with over 80%
placement success rate within 3 months)
â 60 Hours of energy efficiency technical training
â 60 Hours hands-on internship field work
â 12 Completed energy audit reports for your portfolio
â Experience using energy audit equipment (including light meters, watt
meters & ballast discriminators)
â Program Polo shirt and Business Cards
â Additional subsequent training opportunities (i.e. BPI certification
test-prep, entrepreneurship courses, etc)
Dates & Commitment:
â Participation in the program requires a commitment of 120 hours total
(60 hours of in-class training + 60 Hours of internship field work) over an
8-week period.
â Bootcamp -- 30 Hours of Class + Tests; over 2 weekends + 2 Wednesday
â Weekly Classes -- 30 Hours; 6 hours per week x 5 weeks
â Weekly Field Work -- 60 Hours; approx 10 hours per week x 6 weeks
â All classes and field work are during off-work hours (i.e. nights and
To be considered for participation in this program, please send your resume and
cover letter to intern@envirolution.org. Note that each session of the program
is limited to 25 participants.
For more information on Envirolution's Win-Win Campaign, please visit our
website at http://www.envirolution.org Apply To Job

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