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Sourabh Sharma
Works at ONGC
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Nandu Kayarkar
Corporate Lawyer at Nagar palika
Friends with Sandip Vidhate
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Asit Kumar Mohanta
Assistant Manager at BPCL
Friends with Mangesh Sonkusare, Dheerendra Gaikwad and 3 others
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Ashutosh Sharma
National Fire Service College
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Pawan Kumar
Nagpur University
Friends with Dheerendra Gaikwad, Kapil Rajbhoj and 2 others
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Mildred Ayata
Maseno University
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Prashant Lonkar
IIT Delhi
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Abhijit Korde
Shivaji High School, Gadchiroli
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Satya Sahoo
Works at Vedanta Aluminium Limited, Jharsuguda
Friends with Dheerendra Gaikwad, Kapil Rajbhoj and 4 others
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MDesign Meet Sabhagchandani
Owner at MDesign
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