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Here are the stories people are talking about.
Android Lollipop
3,678 posts · Gizmodo, Android Authority
Latest iteration of Google's mobile operating system begins rollout to smartphones, tablets - Forbes
Tim Cook
12,230 posts · Engadget, The Moscow Times
Russia removes Steve Jobs monument in St. Petersburg after Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out as gay - Washington Post
Tom Cruise
6,499 posts · The LAD Bible, Entertainment Tonight
Actor films his own stunt for 'Mission Impossible 5,' clinging to the outside of a plane 5,000 feet in the air - MTV
9,005 posts · Desimartini Movies, Behindwoods
Actor appears in new 'Lingaa Tamil' movie teaser -
Google Calendar
2,032 posts · India Today, GMA News
Company releases new app for updated Android operating system, says iPhone version coming - TIME
Delhi High Court
1,536 posts · India Today, The Wall Street Journal
Judge overturns verdict in rape, murder case, says intercourse was 'forceful,' not 'forcible' -
40,006 posts · Ahlulbayt TV, Shia Multimedia Team
Muslims mark arrival of 1st month in Islamic calendar with prayer, reflection -
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