Historical Set Design with James Clyne Conceptual Environments for Feature Film Production

Gnomon Training | 325 MB @ RS.com

In this second of three DVDs in a series, James will cover a wide range of Adobe Photoshop® techniques that he uses as a concept designer in the feature film industry. Focusing on the subject of historical architectural landscapes, James jumps into subjects such as keeping a rendering loose while maintaining presentation level quality and how to reinforce the visual narrative. Setting itself apart from other concept art techniques, this DVD concentrates heavily on the smooth integration of photo reference and high-end conceptualization ideas, or what James terms "Photoshop® kit bashing", blurring the line between photo and ideation rendering. Subjects such as "painting in" a mask, strong lighting technique and character indication are also covered.

Topics Covered:
Digital sketching in Photoshop®
Kit Bashing
Light Source Rendering Techniques
Using Layer Adjust
Loose Character Indication and Environmental Painting
Adding Atmosphere

01: Line Drawing: Composition and Perspective
02: Blocking in Values / Painting in Layer Masks
03: Importing Photo Reference
04: Keeping it Loose
05: Identifying Light Sources
06: Reinforcing the Visual Narrative
07: Keeping the Elements Balanced
08: How much time do I spend on a painting??
09: More Detailing and Material Rendering
10: Refining / Atmosphere / Adjustment Layers
11: Adding Foreground Elements
12: Finishing Details
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